Brands can invite users to share branded postcards, play mini-games, and ask questions about topics.

Now advertisers can build daily communication with users in the form they are used to. Organize quizzes and distribution of discount coupons through private messages in the form of a mini-game on the Odnoklassniki social network. Advertising mechanics is the integration of branded postcards or stickers into the message editor, which can be installed by users or available to everyone for the duration of the advertising campaign.

Design in the colors of the brand and the use of graphic elements and logos associated with the brand, allow you to increase the awareness of the promoted brand in a short time with a multimillion audience.

The new advertising format has already been tested by the production group “Airplane” with the cartoon “Fixies against krabotov”. They integrated animated postcards featuring cartoon characters and ironic phrases that netizens could exchange. Postcards (snowballs) could be freely sent to each other, and people shared more than 300 million messages during the action in two days. The coverage of the campaign to increase the recognition of the heroes of the new cartoon was 35 million people.

Advertising through messages belongs to special projects of the Odnoklassniki social network and is developed for each advertiser individually upon request.