Many have probably noticed lately the failures in the work of Instagram and Facebook. The decline in coverage has been one of the major problems with ADS in recent years. The reason for the failure was changes in the work of Facebook and Instagram. Since October this year, a change has been made to the work of messengers. That is, it will be possible to download one application, and keep the census both on the Facebook page and in Direct. The stickers have been updated in two applications, the video sharing function has been introduced. For those who for the first time, after October 1, 2020, register on Instagram and want to run a business account, there is no need to link Instagram to Facebook. This function is introduced as automatic. Avatars will also overlap, that is, it is worth changing on Instagram, automatically, changes will also occur on Facebook. Although you can opt out of this feature, the choice is yours. When it comes to security, Facebook has gotten smarter. Don’t try to cheat. If you received a BAN on Facebook, bought a new page, warmed it up and linked it to a completely new Instagram, the system will figure you out and you will get a BAN again. Try to contact the manager and explain the reason. By cheating, you will only deepen your trust. None of the innovations mentioned above have reached Russia and the CIS countries yet. Expect soon. Moreover, this is not the whole list of changes. There will be new buttons for better work in ADS, and deeper analytics will be added to Instagram. Just like on Facebook, the rules on Instagram will get stricter.