1. RTB and advertising in communities about desi sexi video
If you need to quickly start selling, then targeted ads and ads in thematic communities are the fastest solution. You will need:

Excellent knowledge of your audience to find suitable sites;
Targeting specialist to create and customize ads;
A good landing page on a website or directly on a social network.
This condition is no less important for the promotion of services in social networks than the creative, planning and testing of advertising.

2. Creating a community for lead generation
A big plus of creating, maintaining and developing a community is the accumulation of a client base as subscribers. So you can not only work with new clients, but also establish a strong relationship with old ones. Both methods can be successfully combined by using your community as a “landing page” when running ads. However, this will require additional effort and maintenance costs.

3. Direct communication with potential customers
Perceived by users as “SPAM”, this method can give good results, given limited opportunities for promotion in certain social networks. Violation of the rules occurs when this process becomes automated – mass subscriptions, likes, commenting on posts, etc. This is much cheaper than manual communication, and no less effective. Another question is that the use of prohibited “tricks” will sooner or later lead you to a ban.