How to complain about a Telegram account with premalatha leaked video if a certain person or group (or maybe a channel) openly violates the rules of using the messenger? There are certain possibilities, which we will discuss now.

How to file a group complaint
Let’s first try to figure out how to complain about a Telegram account if it’s a group chat or a channel! For public communities, there is a special tool that greatly facilitates the process of interaction. If you encounter inappropriate content or behavior in a group or channel, you can quickly submit a report to support.

Open a channel or group;
Click on the title on the top bar;
Click on the “More” button;
The “Complain” window will appear.

Now you need to choose one of the reasons that prompted you to file a complaint about your Telegram account. You can choose from the list:

Fake account
Child pornography
After that, you can specify additional information in the comments (a corresponding window will open). Then click on the submit icon! Ready!

To personal page
The next step is to figure out how to complain about the profile in the Telegram, if we are talking about the personal page of a certain person. It’s harder!

Find in the messenger the person who (in your opinion) is breaking the rules;
Click on the name on the top bar;
In the window that opens, find the line “Username”;

Tap on the nickname to copy it.
Now, through the search bar of the application, you need to find the @notoscam bot. Just send the nickname of the person who offended you to the chat!

Here’s how to file a Telegram complaint about your account – proceed according to our algorithm. Your appeal will be considered – if necessary, appropriate measures will be taken.